slower(Submitted by Mike Lloyd) Left-lane hogs beware!

Police could soon be getting more powers to ticket people who drive slowly and hold up traffic in the passing lane.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone has said he will introduce legislation this spring that would strengthen the language of the current law and give police more tools to be able to ticket for “failure to keep right except to pass.”

The current fine for left-lane lagging is $109. That could go up.

Drivers we spoke to love the idea.

“I was stuck behind one this morning. Slow as molasses. I find it very frustrating because you end up wasting time. It’s horrible,” says one commuter.

“I’ve seen it but I don’t think it’s a big problem,” counters another, pointing out that when you are jammed up in Metro Vancouver rush hours, no lanes are moving.

“Maybe that’s a bigger problem,” he tells us.

Washington and Alberta both have more detailed laws on lane use that allow police to better enforce the rules.