The Alberta Pound and Rescue Centre says they are still not able to accept cats from Redcliff and Cypress County

Medicine Hat’s Alberta Pound and Rescue Centre is still facing a large number of cats in its care.

Several weeks ago, APARC made the decision not to accept felines from Cypress County and Redcliff to
honor a contractual obligation to the city.

General manager Kaylyn Genio says sadly, that restriction has to remain in place for now

Genio says, “We’re still just serving Medicine Hat at this time.  We have done a couple of emergency cases, if an animal is so sick or injured or something they just need someone to help them, then we’ve accepted that.  But as far as everything else goes, we aren’t able to take in from outside Medicine Hat at this time.”

Genio is inviting anyone looking to add a cat or two to their home, to drop by the facility to see if there is a good fit
from the felines available for adoption.  ~~  Warren Affleck