Legal Changes are on the way for the Medicine Hat Public School Division.

The UCP Government is forcing those divisions with the word “Public” in the name, to remove it for all legal purposes.

Medicine Hat Superintendent Mark Davidson explains, “Medicine Hat Public School Division will continue to be what we call ourselves in all forms of communication.  There won’t be a need to make changes in the terms of letterhead and buildings and so on.  There is a set of required changes to our legal names.  The names that we use in contracts and any kind of commitments we make legally or financially.”

Davidson says there has been no word if the changes will be paid for by the province or local divisions.

Board of Trustees Chair Rick Massini says personally, he’s not pleased with the move.

Massini says, “I think taking “public” out of our legal name is not something I personally favor.”

Massini explained there is a lot of public confusion when it comes to the difference between public schools, and publicly funded schools and thinks the move will lead to even more confusion.

Massini expects the issue to be brought to a Trustees meeting in the near future.


Mark Davidson

Rick Massini