The Alberta opposition NDP says HALO is a crucial support in southeast Alberta.

The organization said yesterday it may have to cease helicopter medevac operations July 1, 2020 with out immediate funding by the province.

NDP Health Critic David Shepherd says the Premier and Health Minister need to take immediate action.

Shepherd says, “I am certainly in support of calling on the Premier and the Minister of Health to review and ensure they are supporting these key services.  Indeed I think the request from HALO for that support is a reasonable one, and it’s something they should be taking action on Immediately.”

Shepherd says he plans on bringing this to the legislature as soon as he’s able.

He says Health Minister Tyler Shandro is decimating rural health services with his actions, “Not only do people need access to emergency supports in their community, they need services like HALO to help them access the supports that aren’t there, and that indeed they may be losing thanks to Tyler Shandro.”

Shepherd is encouraging all residents to flood UCP MLA’s offices with phone calls and emails, “Stand up to the Minister and stand up to their Premier to make sure their communities are being looked after.  I would certainly encourage them to do that here.”