EDMONTON – Premier Jason Kenney is delivering a sharp rebuke to
would-be Alberta separatists by saying “either you love your
country or you don’t.”
Kenney says he understands frustrations felt by some Albertans
with the federal government and the province’s role in
Confederation, but adds there’s no such thing as qualified
He also says threatening to leave Confederation is an empty
threat because there’s no evidence the majority of Albertans want
He also says it’s foolish economically, given that the
uncertainty surrounding Quebec’s separatist intentions in the late
1970s led to businesses fleeing the province en masse.
Kenney was responding to public comments made this week by one of
his United Conservative caucus members who sat on a panel that
gathered input on ways that Alberta could assert itself more.


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Drew Barnes, in a public letter this week, urged Kenney to take a
much harder line with the federal government on cost-shared
Barnes wrote that he is hearing a strong sentiment across the
province to separate if change doesn’t occur.


This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 19, 2020