The year was 2008.  After a long history of ho-humming along the AM and FM dials, the Badlands finally got a radio station that ROCKED!

Air guitarists were no longer left hanging!  Head-bangers had music with which to bang said heads!  And now, over a decade later, the final piece of the party-on puzzle is in place as 105.3 ROCK and Medicine Hat Brewing Company present: Air Guitar Ale!  Lightly hopped, smooth yet sweet, and perfectly paired with your kick-ass moves and a healthy dose of 105.3 ROCK.

Want a taste?

Listen to Poncho and Cassie Friday mornings for your chance win a $50 Gift Certificate to Medicine Hat Brewing Company.  Then, let down your mullet, raise your axe to the sky, and salute the rock Gods with a cold can of Air Guitar Ale!  Available now, exclusively at Medicine Hat Brewing Company – timeless craft beer.